Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Blue Peter Inspired CD Rack ;-)

I've been a busy little bee this weekend, trying to organise my sewing room. Desperately needed a way of storing my CD's so I have access to my music.........

Enter stage right;

  • One large shoe box,
  • Sheets of fancy handmade paper, 
  • Cellotape,
  • Scissor's,
  • and last but not least my memories growing up watching Blue Peter come up with brilliant idea’s for craft makes to re-cycle household rubbish into wonderful useful items, (Fairy Liquid Bottle Space Rockets and the elaborate Tracy Island comes to mind), though I’m sure my Mum & my Gran would have disagreed with the last statement but they were cool to me at the time ;-),
After an hour or so the images you see below are the items I produced from the list of materials above which works wonderfully well on my windowsill, and though not a permanent structure has provided the template for my lovely hubby to produce the shelves in wood, Yeah, good old Blue Peter inspiring the re-cycler in me even now ;-)

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