Saturday, 18 August 2012

Atonement Inspired Dress with Corset Top

My next creation for the Atonement inspired dress was the garment I designed for bridesmaid Lyndsey for her Sister's wedding last Christmas.

Front & Back
Back Detail
I designed the corset top, that was laced at the back with satin ribbon, to be attached to the adapted the lower dress, a side slit was added to the front on the left with the hip wrap knotted on the left above the slit, again the dress is made using 100% silk, Habotai Silk for the lining and 16 mommy Crepe De Chine for the main fabric.

The silk was purchased from Beckford Silk as always, who are absolutely wonderful. On this occasion the fabric I ordered had to be specially dyed to match a velvet fabric I was using for the Jacket I was designing for the Bride. The match was wonderful.

I would now say this garment and the Brides Velvet Jacket are currently my signature pieces,I am very proud of them.

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